Purchasing a garage door takes much of your money and sacrifice. It is not something you want to purchase every other time. Therefore, finding the right partner to install and offer you related garage door services is crucial. At Garage Door Pro Long, we are all you need. If reliability, trustworthiness and quality garage door services in Massapequa, Oyster Bay is what defines he perfect partner, then you are in the right place. With over thirty years of experience, our skills in rendering quality garage door services are undeniable above heights. We offer all types of garage door services including garage door installation, repair, maintenance and inspections. Our aim when serving our customers is making them our all-time clients. Therefore, there is not a thing we will not do to ensure that we attain this. Here is a list of the services we offer.

Garage Door Opener in Massapequa, Oyster Bay

Garage door openers play a very significant role in the opening and closing of the garage door. If your garage door has no openers, then you always have to get out to open and close the door every time. This is very frustrating during pouring rains and at night. At Garage Door Pro Long Island, we install and repair openers. Our services are for both residential and commercial areas. We ensure that we install the right opener for your door. Depending on the size, weight and the frequency of use, we are able to suggest the right opener for your door. When your garage door starts to produce irritating noises when opening, it is the right time to call us for opener repairs.

Garage Door Repair in Massapequa, Oyster Bay

A garage door’s working conditions deteriorates every single day, as the door ages. It is essential to have your garage door examined by a professional. This will ensure you identify the garage door problems earlier and fix them in time. This enables you save on the money you would spend when the matters are worse. At Garage Door Pro Long Island, we offer same-day garage door repair services in Massapequa, Oyster Bay. Our services entails going through the entire garage door, examining each part. Those parts that require minor maintenance, we render. Those that require repair we fix. However, depending on the damages, sometimes we go for replacement. We make this call when there is no repair services proves to help. Whether it is the openers, cables, tracks, springs, loose nuts or hinges, we have your back. Call us for excellent garage door services in Massapequa, Oyster Bay today.

Garage door insulation is very significant especially for attached garage doors. It ensures that there is no excessive loss of heat during winter and cool air during summer. This way, it ensures that our air conditioning system is not overworked to keep temperatures at optimum levels. We offer undeniably quality garage door insulation services in Massapequa, Oyster Bay. We seal every unnecessary dent in your garage door. This way you enjoy conducive environments all year long. For this and other garage door services in Massapequa, Oyster Bay, feel free to contact us.

Garage Door Installation in Massapequa, Oyster Bay

Whether it is the installation of a garage door to an existing construction or a brand new one, we have your back. At Garage Door Pro Long Island, we perform garage door construction s for brand new constriction or even replacement for an old malfunctioning door. We have an array of garage doors that you can choose from. Our doors suit both commercial and residential setting. Our installation services are of undeniable quality. After we are done, we guarantee you a 100% working garage door. All its parts in their right position and the garage door set right.

Garage Door Springs in Massapequa, Oyster Bay

Is your garage door lacking springs? Are the springs broken? Is your garage door sagging? Worry no more. We are the solution for you. At Garage Door Pro Long, we install, replace and repair garage door springs. Whether it is the torsion springs or extension springs, we have your back. It is not safe for you to install the springs or repair them on your own. Unless you are a professional. A garage door is a heavy equipment and can hurt you. Instead calling a professional like ourselves is advisable. Our professional have the training to install them safely without putting themselves under risk. Also, since the extension springs present extreme risks when the break, we install safety cables alongside them. When you need the springs repaired or replaced, we are still the people to trust with the task.