With the increase in the number of people possessing vehicles, residential and commercial areas are finding it necessary to install a garage. A garage door is not complete without a convenient garage door. By convenience, it means that you do not have to open and close it manually. Nowadays, automation is leading the way. People are installing automatic garage doors for their premises. For commercial and residential garage door services in Jericho, Oyster Bay, Garage Door Pro Long Island is the place to be.  We are whizzes in all types of garage door services. We do garage door installation, repairs and maintenance of all kinds. Below are some of our services.

Garage Door Opener in Jericho, Oyster Bay

The efficiency of a garage door lies on its openers. Garage door openers are of many types, all playing their role differently. At Garage Door Pro Long Island, we install chain drive openers, belt driven and screw driven openers. If you have an attached garage, then you need the quietest garage door opener. This is the belt drive opener. Its functions very silently and smoothly. A perfect opener for homeowners who arrive at their homes at odd hours of the night. We have skilled experts and years of experience to guarantee quality installations. In addition, we have a line of these openers that you can choose from. We are also glad to help you choose the opener in case you are stranded.

Garage Door Repair in Jericho, Oyster Bay

As garage doors age, their parts wear out and some even break. Working with a garage door whose parts are malfunctioning can be very inefficient. Thereby, it is important to have a partners you can always call for garage door repair services in Jericho, Oyster Bay.  At Garage Door Pro Long Island, we have been in this field for thirty plus years. Therefore, there is possibly no garage door problem we haven’t come across.  Therefore, we have the skills and knowledge to assess a garage door and know exactly where the problem lies.  Knowing how much you rely on your garage door or security needs, we make sure to arrive at your location as soon as you call us. We render same day garage door repair services. What else would be looking for? The place to be for top-quality garage door services is Garage Door Pro Long Island.

A garage door is not functional without garage door spring. Otherwise, you and your family will always be at risk when using the door. We install two type of garage door springs, the torsion and extension springs. For guaranteed clients’ safety, we complete their installation with garage door safety cables. These will act as a precaution in case the door breaks since it will not fall with a huge force. For repair and installation services, we are the people to call.

Garage Door Installation in Jericho, Oyster Bay

A new construction is incomplete without a garage door. Whether it is a commercial or residential pace, a garage door is very vital. Installing a garage door is the cheapest way to ensure you have 100% security assurance. We have a line of garage door that our clients can choose from. All our garage doors are of top quality and come in different materials. We have aluminium, steel, wood, and iron garage doors. Also, we customize garage doors for our clients who need something unique. We offer one-day garage door installation services in Jericho, Oyster Bay. However, for clients who need customized doors, it can take longer. In addition, we install garage doors in any style you want. Could it be double single, slide or swing, we have your back. All you need is to call us for our magnificent garage door services in Jericho, Oyster Bay.

Garage Door Insulation in Jericho, Oyster Bay

Are you looking for a way to reduce the huge energy bills you are paying? Look no more. Garage Door Pro Long Island has a perfect solution for you. With an insulated garage door, you will forget about your garage door losing lot of heat during winters and cool temperatures during summer. We offer top-notch garage door insulation services in Jericho, Oyster Bay. Insulation is especially important for attached garage doors. You will enjoy conducive environments without paying addition amount s for it.

Overhead Door in Jericho, Oyster Bay

We have overhead doors that will suit both commercial and residential needs. Our clients are always welcome to come and see what we have in our gallery. We have a wide variety of overhead doors they can choose from. All which will guarantee you 100% safety for your property and family. Also, if your space is small, this is the door to go for.