Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

Garage Door repair in Long Island, NY.

Garage doors are important in every residential or commercial setup. In fact, these places are among the most crucial due to housing of sensitive goods. For this reason, garages need effective and efficient garage doors. 

This keeps the security tight by keeping away intruders. Garage door openers are not the kind of products you shop daily. That said, you need to choose a garage door opener that will last long and give you reliable services. 

The most important feeling to a garage owner is the peace of mind. With this, you can concentrate in your work. Our goal is to make the life of every garage owner better by providing belt drive garage door openers.

Liftmaster Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

Belt drive garage door openers are name suggestive. They utilize a belt that helps to operate a pulley system. This pulley system has a motor helps to open and close the door. Belt drive garage door openers are reliable. 

The reason for this is that they are able to overcome hostile weather conditions. The motors in belt drive openers generate enough lift force to operate heavy tension doors. Belt drive garage door openers mostly come in accompaniment with battery a back-up. 

This enables you to access your garage even when the power is out. These garage door openers also operate an extra strong belt drive system. This is the very reason that they are affiliated to minimal noise. Consequently, the aspect of little noise makes belt drive openers suitable for attached garages.

Liftmaster Belt Drive Garage Door Opener installation.

We provide belt drive garage door opener installation in Brooklyn, NY. These openers come in different sizes, designs and colors to ensure blending in with their environment. 

We have well trained persons to handle all our installation services. Installation is a momentous step in the life of every Liftmaster garage door opener. For this reason, installation should be handled by an expert. If it’s done the wrong way, the life of the door opener is cut shorter than projected. 

We want to put your hassle to rest by providing the best services for your garage door. With just a click of a button, you can access your garage space. This not only saves your time but also the effort required to operate the door manually.

Our Liftmaster Garage Door Belt Drive Openers

Liftmaster 8355W Garage Door Opener

  • This door opener is operated by a ½ HP AC motor.
  • It has built in WI-FI to help you control it with your smart phone.
  • It comes with 898LM with a 3 button remote control.
  • We issue lifetime warranties for the belt and motor. For the opener parts, the warranty is 1 year.

Liftmaster 8155W Garage Door Opener

  • Under the shell of this opener is a ½ HP AC motor.
  • You can open, close and receive alerts in your phone from this opener via WI-FI.
  • The opener is suitable for standard aluminum doors.
  • Our warranties are 1 year for opener parts & remote control, 10 years for the belt and 4 years for the motor.
  • This opener comes with an 893LM with a 3 button remote control.

Liftmaster WLED Garage Door Opener

  • This opener is operated by a DC motor. Additionally, it has a smooth start and stop which makes noise almost negligible.
  • Automatic garage lock makes it hard for forced opening from intruders.
  • You can open and close the garage door with your smart phone besides receiving garage door alerts via WI-FI.
  • Lights turn on as you enter the garage.
  • You can schedule a close time to lock the lights and the door.
  • Our warranties are lifetime for belts & motor, 5 years for accessories & opener parts, 1 year for battery and remote controls.

Liftmaster 8550W Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

  • This opener has a DC motor with a smooth start and stop. This keeps noise down and suits it for attached garages.
  • It has WI-FI technology to help you operate ii from your smart phone.
  • You can schedule a timer to switch of light and close door at a time of your choosing.
  • Lights turn on as you enter the garage.
  • It comes with 485LM garage door opener battery and an 893MAX LM with a 3 button visor remote control.
  • We issue 1 year warranty for remote and battery, lifetime for belt & motor and 5 years for parts.

Liftmaster Belt Drive Garage Door Opener Repair

Just like every other garage door opener, belt drive garage door openers become faulty. For this reason, these openers malfunction and may keep you locked in or out of the garage. 

This becomes and inconvenience and may waste a lot of time. You will need to make calls to your dealer to have your problem fixed. If repair is done the wrong way, it may end up making the fault worse. 

This in turn causes a waste of resources. You can avoid this by hiring our belt drive garage door opener repair services. We have trained persons to handle repair services. 

Our maintenance team has high tech devices to detect more faults thus mitigating underlying problems. You can call us today or just visit our offices.

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