A garage door is the most crucial part of a garage. It locks in property and thus providing security. A garage needs to be attractive both from the outside and from the inside. 

Every garage door owner values convenience. This brings back peace of mind when you are away from your garage. For more efficiency, a garage door needs an opener to reduce the effort for operating it. 

For this reason, we introduce chain drive garage door openers. Besides saving your effort in operating a garage door, these garage door openers help to save time. You can open and close your garage door while seated in your car. Isn’t this the wish of every car owner?

Chain Drive Openers in Brooklyn, MA.

Chain drive garage door openers are preferred by most garage owners due to their simplicity. These openers are made of simple and fairly cheap accessories. 

This makes them more affordable while still providing the effectiveness in their functionality. Just as their name suggests, chain drive openers utilize chains to function. The chain is responsible for rotating a motor that in turn rotates a pulley system. This pulley system opens and closes the door. 

Chain drive door openers have powerful motors that generate enough force lift to comfortably lift overhead doors. They are mostly associated with thick heavy wooden doors without snapping.

Chain Drive Opener installation in Brooklyn, MA.

Garage door opener Installation is the most imperative stage of the life of a door opener. If installation is done properly, a garage door is bound to service for long as intended by the manufacturer. 

This is usually in terms of years. If installation is mishandled, the life of the opener is cut short. For this reason, you need to hire quality services for well functional chain drive garage door opener installation. 

This also helps to mitigate maintenance services that come earlier than expected. Chain drive openers come in different sizes and colors.

Liftmaster 8365W-267 Chain Drive Door Opener.

This garage doors opener has attributes like:

  • An AC motor with ½ HP and WI-FI communication technology
  • MyQ app which can open, close and also receive alerts from the garage diagnostic system.
  • Industrial strength chain to ensure durability and easy heavy door operation.
  • Remote control along with keyless entry to improve convenience
  • About 75% power saving during standby mode.
  • Object obstruction at the door prevents it from closing
  • These openers come with 1 year warranties for chains, opener parts and remote. The motor warranty is lifetime.

Liftmaster 8010 Chain Drive Garage Door Opener.

  • This opener uses a DC motor. This makes noise negligible due to smooth opening and closing of the opener.
  • It comes with 891LM with one button remote control.
  • Alongside these openers, we give 1 year warranty for remote controls, motors, opener parts and chains.

Liftmaster 8587W Chain Drive Garage opener.

This opener operates under an AC motor with ¾ HP. The motor is supported by an i-beam rail to operate heavy doors. These doors have automatic deadbolts that activate after the door closes.

  • Embedded motion detectors switch on lights.
  • It enhances security through a smart phone accessible security lock via WI-FI.
  • You can set a close timer for automatic garage door closing
  • We offer 5 years warranties for chains and opener parts, 1 year for remote controls and lifetime for motors.
  • It comes with 893MAX LM with a 3 button visor remote control.

8160W Chain Drive Garage Door Openers.

  • This opener operates under a DC motor which makes it silent and suitable for attached garages.
  • It incorporates WI-FI technology in which you can operate the garage door opener from your smart phone.
  • It’s fitted with an industrial strong chain to ensure durability when handling heavy doors.
  • This opener comes with 1 year warranties for remote controls, opener parts and chains. Our motors get a 4 years warranty.
  • Besides the opener, we give an 893LM with a 3 button remote control.

The 8165W Chain Drive Garage Door Opener.

  • This opener has a ½ HP AC motor that supports standard aluminum doors.
  • You can control this opener from a smart phone. Opening, closing and receiving garage door alerts thus becomes easier.
  • In standby mode, this opener uses less than 75% power.
  • Our warranties are 1 year for remote controls, opener parts and chains. We give 4 years warranty for motors.
  • These openers come with an 893LM with a 3 button remote control.