Installing a garage door is one thing and having a garage door that works efficiently is another. Every home owner is looking forward to installing a garage door. 

However, most of them don’t take their time to purchase the right garage door accessories that will add to the efficiency of the garage door. 

One of the most vital parts of the garage door is its openers. With the wrong openers, be sure to have troubles with the manner in which your garage door functions. 

When purchasing a garage door opener, make sure it is a Chamberlain garage door opener. There are so many factors you consider before purchasing an opener. 

Be it its power, reliability, durability, efficiency or its quality. All these things are what the Chamberlain garage door openers manufacturers have put in into consideration when making them.

MyQ technology

Integrated in the Chamberlain garage door openers is the MyQ technology. This technology makes this brand outstanding since it enables you monitor your garage door from wherever you are. 

This way, you can go to work trip and vacations and still have the peace of mind that your property is secure. All you need to make this possible is install its app in your smartphone. Apart from monitoring the status of your garage door, you can also turn on your security lights using your phone.

Mounting Options

Whether your garage is high or low in terms of its ceiling, no need to worry. This garage door opener suits either of them by giving two mounting options. 

For high ceilings, you can mount the opener on its ceiling. For low ceilings you can mount it on the wall on any of the sides of the garage door. This maximize the ceiling space where you can store your fixtures or leave it free if you are a ceiling lover.

Utilizes Less Space And Operates Quietly

You do not require additional space to install this opener since we attach it directly to the garage door. Thus, it saves on space. 

Also, as the opener operates, there is less vibration and noise produced. Thus, it is ideal for attached garages

Chamberlain ML510EV

This opener has an easy to install powerful engine with max traction of 500N which is way higher than an ordinary engine. 

Also, it aids the garage door to open 10cm per second which provides an ample time for you to pass through without harming yourself. This chain drive gate opener operates very silently. 

Thus, they are ideal for attached garages. With its LED light system, you can now forget about the high energy bills that you pay each month. This is because this opener is energy efficient, with an operational life of up to 50,000 hours.

In addition, the opener has a timer that you can set to keep the lights up for a few minutes. You can set it from the time you open the gate to the time you close and finish parking your vehicle. 

In their newest model, the Chamberlain ML510EV has the c-rail and remote controls with the latest encoding tech.