If you have a garage door in your home, then you want it running in perfect condition. You do not to be trapped inside the garage when you need to rush to work. Or perhaps, it could be in the evening after work and you only want to get home and relax. One of the best ways to ensure that your garage is running perfectly is by ensuring that you never ignore schedule and routine maintenance. Most of the homeowners will focus on cleaning the door from the outside. However, there are several tasks you need to do to ensure that the door is in good shape. Also, you want to make sure that your door serves you the longest.

Precautions during DIY garage door maintenance

However, if you are looking to repair and maintain your garage door, there are safety precautions you need to check out for.

  • Unplug the door opener from power
  • Wear gloves and safety equipment
  • Detach the opener from the door
  • Do not try to repair the springs or cables.
  • Check out for your door warranty cover.

Even though you might want to repair and install new garage springs, it is highly discouraged since they could cause injury. Also, you should not try to repair the door cable. These are complex systems and are better left in the hands of a professional. If you need quick garage door spring repair or replacement services do not hesitate to call us. Here’s what to do;

Carry out a visual inspection.

One of the best ways through which you will identify anomalies with your garage door is by checking for breaks, bends, cracks, and misalignment. Also, you will notice the parts that you should never touch in your garage door. These include the springs and cables. Check out for red and warning labels. If you identify problems in these areas, it is prudent to call a professional garage door company for repair and replacement services.

Make sure the rollers and tracks are in place.

One of the problems that will affect your garage door is having trouble with its rollers and broken tracks. Since these are the major moving parts of your garage door, it is possible they will get loose over time. Make sure that you tighten their nuts and bolts.

Another great DIY garage door maintenance is cleaning the tracks and rollers. These essentials will catch dust and debris and thus cleaning them will enhance their usage. However, you are discouraged from repair or replacement of the bottom track since it is attached to the lift cable.

Clear dust and debris from the door sensors.

Although these are one of the safety features on your garage door, if they are covered with dust your door will malfunction. Garage door photo-eyes are meant to stop the door if there is something on its way. This feature prevents the door from crushing over your car, or one of your family members.

When you want to check if they are working, you may stand outside and press your garage door opener remote to close. While it’s closing, pass a broom in the sensors sightline.

If they are working, the door should auto-reverse. If it doesn’t, clean the sensors with a dry cloth. Also, try to ensure that the two sensors are aligned and parallel to each other.

The Garage Door Opener Motor Won’t Stop Running.

Also, it is crucial to use a good lubricant for your specific garage door opener. Whether it is a chain drive opener, belt drive door opener, or a screw drive opener, use the right lubricant for them.

The springs and hinges, also require to be lubricated at least every 6 months. Besides, you might want to apply more lubricant during your door routine tune-up.

Safety Checks During DIY Garage Door Maintenance.

It is important to put safety first before you start any cleaning, or lubricating the door. Make sure that you wear protective clothing. Also, ensure that the door is balanced. Even though the opener sensors will stop the door when blocked, if it is balanced of the door, it might crush. For spring repair and replacement services, make sure that you have a professional technician working on your door.