The acquisition of vehicles leads to the bloom in the establishment of garages. Every garage owner knows that a garage is essential for keeping their vehicle safe. What only a few know is that the integrity of security of a garage depends on the garage door you put in place. If the door is poor in quality, your property is susceptible to trespassers. It’s for this reason that Garage Door Pro Long Island offers to be your partner. Our services extend from the inception stage to the maintenance of the garage door. You need a reliable partner who can handle your emergencies timely to ensure you have the peace of mind. Below are some of the services we offer regarding garage door installation in East Norwich, Oyster Bay.


Our products go for both residential and commercial purposes. We install garage doors in manual and automatic operation types. Manual garage doors require more human effort to operate as compared to automatic garage doors. Our products also come in different designs and styles. We also cover customers who mind the aesthetic value of garage doors. We manufacture garage doors of different materials like wood, steel, iron and aluminum. This depends on the factors a customer may consider during purchase. Aluminum and wood are generally lighter in weight. Garage doors need to blend in with their surrounding walls. This is why our finish touch comprises of different colors to enable the color choice dynamics.


Sometimes the openers spoil or break. When this happens, we send our technicians to offer repair services. The damage may sometimes be so extensive that repair becomes ineffective. In that case, we replace the garage door openers completely. We do this at an affordable price. Our goal when maintaining is leaving the garage door good as new. Openers are the heart of the door. Their malfunction can also be as a result of damage to other door components. It could be faulty motors, disrupted power source, broken springs/cables, bent rollers, and a malfunctioning remote. Whatever the reason, we are ready to offer quality garage door installation and repair in East Norwich, Oyster Bay.

Lift masters are here to make your life more convenient. If you need to monitor your garage every time you are away, you need a lift master. Also, you can open and close the garage door remotely without being in the vicinity of your garage. Lift masters help to save your time and resources. You don’t need to travel home to open a garage door for someone who needs to access it. We not only install them but also repair them at a good price. We have what you need, and you have what we need. Don’t hesitate to call us for affordable and reliable garage door services in East Norwich, Oyster Bay.


Most garage doors utilize a minimum of two springs. Our springs come in different sizes depending on the size of the garage door. A heavy garage door requires big springs just to balance the weight. For this reason, if the garage door is sagging, the springs need repair or replacement. When springs are defective, it becomes risky for a garage door to attempt repairing. This is because some of these high tension doors can drop or fall without warning. For this reason, we insist that you call for expert intervention. Torsion springs are the most vulnerable and responsible for door lifting. If damaged, the door gets stuck in the down position. With the right torsion springs, at least six years maintenance will not be necessary.


Remotes help to reduce the effort needed to open and close a garage door. Imagine you don’t have to step out of the car to operate a garage door. At Garage Door Pro Long Island, we install remotes with automatic garage doors. With the right use, they give service over a long time. Batteries are the only components in a remote that need replacement from time to time depending on the frequency of use. If a remote fails to operate your garage door, first replace the batteries. If this action is futile, just call us, and we shall be there to save your day. We are the best partner to rely on for garage door installation and repair in East Norwich, Oyster Bay.