A garage is imperative for every home with a vehicle. The last decade there has been a mark in the swelling demand of garages. The integrity of a garage is dependent on the garage door. A garage door isn’t a product bought every month. It’s meant to last for a long time. The durability depends on the quality of the garage door you install. The emergence of many companies offering garage door related services can spoil a client for choice. Garage Door Pro Long Island, however, is the place to be. You need a reliable partner who can provide quality services at a considerable price. We have been in business for decades, and our reputation is unmatched. Below are the various services we offer about garage door installation in Farmingdale, Oyster Bay.


We supply garage doors both manual and automatic. Manual garage doors need an actual human presence to operate. On the flip side, you can operate automatic garage doors remotely. You don’t have to be near the garage to operate the doors. We also offer garage doors in different designs. This helps to accommodate clients with an aesthetic sense. Our products also come in various colors. The wide variety helps to increase the chances of each customer finding a color they like. Harsh climatic conditions among other factors determine the type of materials we manufacture doors from. Mostly, customer choices narrow down to aluminum, iron, steel, and wood. Our skilled team has the experience to meet your needs.


Proper functioning of openers is vital to the operation of a garage door. For this reason, we install openers that guarantee a long span of service, years to be precise. This, however, becomes impossible if you handle the door the wrong way. Upon faults on openers, we have a technical team whose work is to repair openers. The most associated faults with openers are motor failures. When the garage door jams before opening or during closure, it’s a clear indication of faulty openers. We specialize in repair of openers with our objective being restoring it in proper working condition. Call us for repair and installation services in Farmingdale, Oyster Bay.

Lift masters are popular for the way they increase comfort to a garage owner. If you need to monitor your garage door without being in its vicinity, order a lift master. Our supplies are good quality and effective for a long time. They also help to open and close the garage door remotely from anywhere. This is every garage owner’s dream. It increases your comfort and saves your time. We also offer lift master repairs when they malfunction or get faulty. Our prices are affordable, and the quality is second to none.


Springs help in the smooth open and close of garage doors. We have a variety of springs all meant to meet certain specific needs. Springs come in different sizes. The size depends on the weight of the garage door you want to install. Heavier doors require bigger spring sizes to balance the weight. We recommend the use of similar sized springs on each door. This helps to distribute the weight of the door evenly and thus preventing unnecessary damage. Most of the garage doors utilize at least two springs. If they were both installed at the same time, you can stop a looming emergency. If one spring breaks, it’s only a matter of time before the other breaks. Therefore, it is wise to replace them at the same time. Rely on Garage Door Pro Long Island to fix them.


Remotes reduce the effort used to operate a garage door. If you are fond of using a remote, then you can understand the inconvenience when it fails. With a working remote, you don’t have to use the switch on the wall of a garage door. You can open and close the door while inside the car. When they spoil, we repair and sometimes issue new ones at a good consideration. If you still operate your garage door manually, it is high time you called us to install an automatic gate opener for you. With this, you can have a remote to open and close the door for you. Look not any further for garage door services in Farmingdale, Oyster Bay. Garage Door Pro Long Island is the place to be.