Besides installation of garage doors, Garage Door Pro Long Island also has garage door openers. In the last decade we have been dealing with door openers and the outcome has been positive. An effective garage door has never been complete without a door opener. These openers inform the easy operation of a garage door. They reduce the effort you use to open and close your garage door. With just a click of a remote button, you can access your garage space. It also plays a big part of your security because you don’t have to step outside the car to operate the door. In commercial setups where time is of the essence, door openers elevate the efficiency. You can call any garage door services in Glenwood Landing, Oyster Bay or just visit our offices.


Garage Door Pro Long Island has been in the business of garage doors long enough to easily identify their faults. We have a team of skilled technicians well trained to handle garage door services in Glenwood Landing, Oyster Bay. We also have accessories and the price is mouthwatering. Garage doors malfunction due to self-fault. Other times, the openers, springs and cables could also make them malfunction. For this reason, you need an expert to handle the repairs. You might be tempted to trouble shoot the problem and make it a lot worse. As the saying goes; you don’t pay the plumber for banging the pipes but for knowing where to bang. This is what we invest in and our presence has been there since we broke ground in this area. We work around the clock because we know that reliability is imperative in lasting customer relationships.


We have ready- made doors for our show rooms. We sell them to the clients who feel they meet their needs. Also, we are open to customization for clients who need special designs. We have garage doors made of iron, steel, aluminum and wood. All of them are available at a good price and at your discretion. We have a spectrum of colors to choose from to enable you choose a door that camouflages with your environment. Our doors are also made in different sizes to suit both small and big garages. We believe that meeting the most specific needs of a customer is crucial and that’s what we thrive in. For what it’s worth, garage door installation greatly determines the life of a garage door henceforward. Therefore, contact only us for top-notch garage door services in Glenwood Landing, Oyster Bay.

We are aware that garage doors play a great role in temperature conditioning in a house. Garage doors lose a lot of heat from the house and may overwork air conditioners as they try to balance that heat loss. As a result, your energy bills may hike and the service life of your conditioner shortened. We are here to make this go away once and for all. We offer garage door insulation at a good price. Give us a call any time and day of the week for insulation or any other garage door services in Glenwood Landing, Oyster Bay.


Overhead doors are available at our showrooms. We encourage their use due to one important reason. Overhead doors help in the economy of space. If you don’t have a lot of side space, it’s better to use overhead doors. They are efficient and reliable. We have overhead doors of different sizes and designs. You just have to tell us exactly what you need and we shall give you just that. We have installation and maintenance services for overhead doors. They are also far from ordinary doors in the way the open and close vertically. The uniqueness will give you that aha moment.


Garage door springs are momentous especially in the smooth operation of a garage door. They are responsible in balance maintenance of a garage door. Springs in a good condition are also responsible for proper alignment of a garage door. Most garage doors utilize a minimum of two springs. It’s worth noting that if both springs are installed together, mostly they will reach the end of their service life together. Springs must be proportional to the garage door installed. This means that a weighty door needs big springs. If you use small springs, they break sooner than expected. We install garage door springs of two types; extension and torsion springs. These services come at a considerable price. Give us a call or visit our offices.