Garage doors have never been complete without openers. It’s obvious that door openers are helpful in the long run. For one, they help you save time and secondly they help you reduce effort for operation. With opener types and brands flooding the market, it’s hard for a client to know the authenticity of one. Garage Door Pro Long Island is here to help you make all the right voices of openers. Also, we supply door openers, and offer all sorts of garage door services in Greenvale, Oyster Bay. We have the best technicians well trained for this job. Our team do all opener related services at a pocket friendly price. With a good quality door opener, you only need a remote to operate your garage door. This boosts your security because you don’t have to step out of your car to operate your garage door.


Malfunction in a garage door can either lock you in or out of your garage area. To avoid such inconveniences, we introduce to you Garage Door Pro Long Island. Our team of trained technicians has a lot of exposure when it comes to garage door repairs. This is mainly due to the time span we have been in this business. When a garage door malfunctions, it could be due to; springs, door openers or just lose nuts and bolts. We don’t encourage our clients to handle repairs on their own. This is due to the lurking risk of unnecessary accidents cause by high tension doors. You can call us at any time and day of the week. Our garage door services in Greenvale, Oyster Bay are quality and the costs are affordable for all.


Our garage doors come in different materials to accommodate the greater part of our market. These materials are distinct and have their individual pros and cons. We have a team of skilled technicians always ready to handle your installation. These doors are also made of different designs, shapes and sizes. This helps to meet the most specific demands of our customers. We also allow our customers to give us their specifications so we can deliver the exact product they are in need of. We have a spectrum of colors you can choose from for clients with an aesthetic nerve.

Garage door insulation is imperative when it comes to air conditioning in a house especially for attached garages. A garage door can affect the temperature of a house through loss of warmth. Only wooden garage doors are good in preserving warmth in a house. Aluminum, steel and iron doors may cause your energy bills to hike. This is because the conditioners have an extra task of boosting warmth being lost through the garage door. This overworking may also reduce the expected life of an air conditioner. Garage Door Pro Long Island is here to handle insulation to keep your energy bills down and boost the life of your air conditioners.


Among other types of garage doors, we deal with overhead garage doors. These doors have one advantage of other door types. They have economy of space. They operate by moving in a vertical manner. We install overhead doors which come in different sizes, shapes, designs and colors. Overhead doors are reliable and display another class of beauty in the way they open. They are simple structures but their opening and closing is stylish. We have overhead doors made of iron, steel, wood and aluminum. We handle both installation and maintenance at a fair price. You can call us anytime to make an order or for our garage door services in Greenvale, Oyster Bay.


Most garage doors make use of at least two springs. The springs help to balance the door and also help in its smooth opening and closing. We are dealers in spring installation and repair. Springs aren’t so obvious to install and need an expert touch to determine the best for specific doors. If small springs are used on a heavy door, they break before their life is actually over. Big doors need big springs to keep the door’s balance and alignment. For this reason, you need a technician to handle this work to mitigate unnecessary costs. We have extension and torsion springs both at a cost cutting price. Our maintenance is quality and we work around the clock to ensure reliability during emergencies.