A perfectly working garage door is essential in the well being of every garage owner. Garage doors are crucial in every day’s routine in both commercial and residential setups. In the last decade, research has it that there is an exponential growth installation of garage door openers. This is due to the fact that door openers add efficiency to the garage door. This reduces the effort needed to operate a garage door and simultaneously saves time. Garage Door Pro Long Island is a dealer in garage door installation in Hicksville, Oyster Bay. We install and repair door openers when they get faulty. Our prices are worthwhile and the quality of our products and services is worth every penny.


Besides dealing with garage door opener related services, we offer garage door repair services in Hicksville, Oyster Bay. We have a team of trained technicians who handle all repairs to ensure you continue enjoying your garage life. We pride in the experience and exposure we have since we started this venture. Garage door malfunction could be due to cut cables, lose bolts & nuts, faulty door openers or the remote itself. This is the very reason you need to let an expert handle the garage door repairs. You might be tempted to troubleshoot the problem and end up making more damage to the doors. Some doors are also balanced at high tension and may fall off the hinges and cause accidents.


We have at our possession garage doors of different types to ensure choice dynamics. Our garage doors come in different sizes to ensure they fit in different garage sizes. We welcome our clients to our showrooms to see the various garage doors we make. Besides, we have a team of technicians who are well trained to handle garage door installation. We make doors from different materials. They include wood, iron, aluminum and steel. We also have a spectrum of colors to choose from. This enables clients with an aesthetic nerve to fit in. We however encourage the use of colors that blend in with the installation place. Contact our professionals for garage door services in Hicksville, Oyster Bay.

Attached garage doors are often associated with heat loss in a house. This means that air conditioners have to overwork to cover the heat loss gap and warm the house as expected. In the long run, the service life of those air conditioners shortens and energy bills hike. To keep this at bay, Garage Door Pro Long Island provides garage door insulation services in Hicksville, Oyster Bay. Insulation helps to preserve the air temperature in a house and thus helping to save on utility bills. You can call us at any time or visit our offices for garage door insulation or other garage door services in Hicksville, Oyster Bay.


Among other garage door types, we offer overhead doors. These doors are space efficient in cases where you don’t have much room. This is due to the fact that they operate in a vertical manner. They are also single in nature. This means that it’s rare for these doors to lose balance and thus prove more effective for both residential and commercial use. Garage Door Pro Long Island offers all services related to overhead doors at a good price. We have trained personnel to handle all overhead garage door services in Hicksville, Oyster Bay. You just have to make a choice of the overhead door you need. We have both automatic and manual. You are welcome to witness these and many more features in our offices.


The success behind the smooth opening and closing of garage doors depends on its springs. These are vital components that help to keep the door balanced for easy operation. Springs come in two types. We have extension and torsion springs. Garage Door Pro Long Island install springs proportional to the door weight. If small springs are used for heavy doors, they break after a while. This is the reason we encourage our clients to leave that work to our experts. We also deal with spring repair and replacement. For small breakages, repair comes in handy. The repair sometimes might become futile in which case we replace the springs completely.