Whether it is a commercial or residential premises, a garage door plays a vital role. It will not only increase the curb of appeal in your home, but also keep your family secure. In addition, a garage door will increase the value of your home in case you want to sell it. In line with this, if you are looking for a company to offer top-quality garage door services in Locust Valley, Oyster Bay, Garage Door Pro Long Island is the place to be.  Whether it is the repair, installation, maintenance or consultation services, we have your back. We have the experience and a team of dedicated professionals willing to ensure 100% satisfaction of our customers. Below are some of our services.

Garage Door Opener in Locust Valley, Oyster Bay

There was a time when installing a garage door opener was a luxury. This was in the past. Now, people have a wider view of the importance of installing the openers for your garage door. With automatic garage door openers for example, you do not have to open and close the door manually. All you need is to push a button and the door openers and in another the door closes. With technology, things are even better. With Liftmaster openers. You enjoy a lot more convenience, you can access your garage door from wherever you are. Even better, you can turn on the security lights with your smartphone. To enjoy these high levels of convenience if not luxury, contact Garage Door pro Long Island.

Garage Door Repair in Locust Valley, Oyster Bay

It unlikely for a garage door to be fully operation in its entire life. Once in a while, you will expect troubles with its functionality. Sometimes it might be the garage door itself and other times its components. Whatever the case, we are ready to offer top-notch repair services. We know a malfunctioning garage door can be very frustrating especially in between busy schedules. That is why we arrive at your location minutes after you call us. Our repair services are 24/7. Therefore, you can call us any time of the day or night. Depending on the degree of damage, we either go for repair or replacement services. Whether it is misaligned garage doors, broken springs an openers, loose bolts and nuts or a complete breakdown, we are here for you.

Garage Door Installation in Locust Valley, Oyster Bay

Nowadays, it is easy to get confused on the professional to trust with your garage door installation needs. This is due to the rise in the people offering these services in the market. To spare you the long hassles, Garage Door Pro Long Island is the place to be. With over thirty years installing garage doors to our customers, nothing could possibly go wrong when you trust us. Besides, our positive reviews tells it all concerning quality and reliability of our services. Whether it is a roll up door, swing, slide or double garage door, we are ready to help. We begin our services by paying a pre-visit to the location and take measurements. Afterwards, we help you come up with the right door for your space depending on what we see. We then complete the installation by fixing all the components perfectly to earn you a perfectly working door.

Garage Door Springs in Locust Valley, Oyster Bay

Garage door springs installation and repair is not a task to handle by yourself. It is more prudent to call a professional to handle it. We have high trained pros who have knowledge of all it takes to repair and install springs without exposing themselves to danger. For safety in use, we install the springs together with cables to act a safety precaution in case door breaks. Also, when repairing r replacing a springs, we check both the springs, this is because the torsion and extension springs were installed around the same time. Therefore, when one wears out, it is a matter of time until the other becomes problematic. Contact us for more information and magnificent garage door services in Locust Valley, Oyster Bay.

Overhead Door in Locust Valley, Oyster Bay

Overhead doors are among the many garage door we work with at Garage Door Pro Long Island. They are very convenient garage doors, perfect for small spaces. We have overhead doors that suit both commercial and residential needs. Also, they come in different colors and designs to give you a wide variety to choose from. For installation and other garage door services in Locust Valley, Oyster Bay, we have your back