Garage Door Repair & Installation in New Hyde Park, NY

Are the garage door springs broken? Is your garage door operating slower than usual? Does your garage door move in the opposite direction? Do you seek to replace your garage door? No need for more hassles. All you need is Garage Door Pro Long Island. Handling these and many other garage door problems are our speciality. With many years of handling different garage door problems form our numerous clients, there is no [part of a garage door can be troublesome for us to repair. To give a more comprehensive view of what we do, here are some of the repair services that we offer.

Garage Door Maintenance and Repair New Hyde Park,ny

All mechanical systems require regular maintenance to remain in their best working condition. A garage door is not an exception, especially if you want to enjoy some high-level efficiency and fewer repairs. With the busy schedules in our daily lives, it can be tricky to find time to keep monitoring our garage doors. With Garage Door Pro Long Island as your garage door service provider, you need not to worry. We offer all kinds of garage door services including maintenance services. During this, we carefully check every garage door part and its component. We make sure that we repair the part that can be troublesome in the near future and advise our client on how to make sure your garage door remain operational for long. These services are at pocket-friendly prices.

Electric Garage Door Opener Repair New Hyde Park, Ny

Garage door openers are there to facilitate the raising and lowering of a garage door in a push of a button. In other words, to spare us the need to get out of our vehicles every time we want to park our cars. If the openers are faulty, this means that the garage door doesn’t raise nor lower, proving to be problematic. At Garage Door Pro Long Island, we have the expertise to solve garage door opener problems. We do not only repair the openers the selves, but we also make it our task to go ahead to check whether the raising and lowering mechanism are working correctly. Its repair also entails the lubrication and adjustments when needed. This is not a task we recommend our clients to handle on their own. The help of skilled personnel for garage door repair & installation in New Hyde Park, NY is wiser.

Sagging Garage Door Repair in New Hyde Park, Ny

As a garage door age, they tend to shift from their original position and slightly move to one of their sides. This results in a garage door opening partially. This calls for a garage door that need s some realignment to prevent the door from breaking because of a lot of weight exerted on one of its sides. For perfect and quality garage door alignment, all you need is to call a technician from Garage Door Pro Long Island. We take our time to understand the cause of the misalignment and later make some adjustments. We check the manner in which the garage door opens and closes to ensure that we leave your garage door perfectly aligned.

Remote Programming and Repair New Hyde Park, Ny

A remotely operated garage door should bring much efficiency in the way you access your garage. In a push of a button, the garage door should open, and in another push, the garage door should close. This is not always the case. Some reasons behind its failure can be wrong programming such that the opener does not read signals from the remote. Also, there can be a problem with the batteries being dead and thus require new ones. All these are problems that Garage Door Pro Long Island can work on to ensure that you get to enjoy garage door repair & installation in New Hyde Park, NY. Our experts have a pool of knowledge about the garage door opener remotes. We can program your remote so that it is compatible with your garage door opener. We also have batteries that can work with your remote if your remote need some new ones to operate

Garage Door Replacement New Hyde Park, Ny

An old garage door can prove to be problematic to the point that you cannot take it anymore. If your garage door can no longer assure the capability of keeping your family safe, then it is as good as removed. Also, if you feel you are spending heavily on time to time repair, install a brand new garage door to end all these problems. At Garage Door Pro Long Island, we can remove your old garage door and replace it with a new one at very affordable prices. We make sure to leave your garage door’s components correctly connected for maximum operation.