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Get a Precision Garage Door Repair in Long Island

Get a Precision Garage Door Repair in Long Island

Are you in a need of Garage Door alignment? Does your garage door crook? When it comes to correctness, accuracy & precision garage door repair in Long Island – Garage Door Pro Long Island is the perfect solution for you.

Fixing up a crooked door is not a child’s play. It requires knowledge and experience. The horizontal & vertical tracks must be straightened on the hairline. The reinforcing angle must be tightened well to the garage door siding.

precision garage door repair in long island
Get a Precision Garage Door Repair in Long Island

A manual or automatic garage door repair - We can handle it all!

At Garage Door Pro Long Island, we guarantee a 100% customer satisfaction. We are experts and able to fix any garage door, manual or automatic. From a broken spring to cable off through crooked spring shaft to replacing your garage door opener.

Your garage door have so many parts – Don’t D.I.Y.

While D.I.Y. garage door repair can save you money, it’s always better to order a professional garage door technician to take care and make sure your door is 100% working & safe to use. Here is a list of parts that combining your garage door.

  • Vertical track
  • Horizontal track
  • Short jamb brackets
  • Flag bracket
  • Top bracket
  • Left cable drum
  • Spring shaft
  • Hinges
  • Winding cone
  • Torsion spring
  • Stationary Cone
  • Spring Pad
  • Operator header bracket
  • Center bearing plate
  • Door bracket
  • Right / Left Jamb
  • Intermediate section
  • Door arm
  • Back hang
  • Reinforcing angle
  • Garage door opener (operator)
  • And more.

All the above are just the general parts. Each and every one of them has so many differences and types, so you must call a precision garage door repair company in Long Island.

Please join our pleased clientele. In summary, we would be glad if you’ll take a time to read our many 5 stars reviews on Google Maps.

Accurate & Precision Garage Door repair in Long Island – Get the best price & service.

Whenever you need a precision garage door repair in Long Island it doesn’t have to cost a lot. Our company is a family owned and we live on Long Island. This is why we care about your job more than others. We will do everything to make you please. We are sure that after the job will be done, you will review us with 5 stars on Google Maps and you’ll become one of our loyal clients.

In conclusion, get ready to have the best garage door repair experience in Long Island

It’s important to realize that we are in the garage door business for over 10 years. We’ve seen all the types of garage doors, we have installed new garage doors, commercial garage doors and we are always make sure our customer is 100% satisfied.

Another key point, we are licensed & fully insured. We work directly with LiftMaster (Read Nino’s review about the new LiftMaster Garage Door Opener) and all the big brands of garage door parts.

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