At Garage Door Pro Long Island, we have acquired great exposure regarding Liftmaster garage door openers. It’s easy for a client to get into a dilemma while trying to figure out the best garage door opener for their needs. 

We have valuable information about Wall Mount Garage Door Openers besides investing in installation and repair services of the same. We are dedicated to delivering the right products to meet even the most specific needs of our clients. 

Here in Pro Long Island, we bring Liftmaster Wall Mount garage door openers to make your garage life more convenient.

Liftmaster Wall Mount Garage Openers in Brooklyn, NY

Among other garage door openers, wall mount openers still stand tall. This is attributed to their numerous advantages over their rivals. First, wall mount openers are easy to mount. 

This is due to the fact that they don’t require rails to mount them on the wall. Additionally, this helps to keep them simple thus mitigating any likelihood of mechanical damage resulting from improper mounting. 

Under their shell, the garage door openers have powerful motors to enable them function as expected. As such, they have the ability to easily lift high tension doors alongside standard weight garage doors. 

These openers have a self-lubricating mechanism to ensure long life and smooth operation. This reduces noise and makes them suitable for attached garages.

Liftmaster 8500 Wall Mount Garage Door Opener.

  • These garage door openers are operated by a DC motor. The resulting noise from these openers is almost negligible thus making them suitable for attached garages.
  • The convenience with these openers is enhanced as garage lights turn on as you enter the garage.
  • There’s added security from these openers as the security locks send secret security codes to the opener on button click. Additionally, the openers have automatic garage door locks with deadbolts after the door closes.
  • Scheduled timers lock the door and switch off the garage lights.
  • The small size and design of these openers help to save ceiling 

Liftmaster 8500W Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

  • This garage door opener is operated by a DC motor. DC motors are known for reduced noise and serenity within the garage environment. They have a smooth start and stop making them good for attached garages.
  • They come with 485LM garage door opener battery with 893MAX 3 button visor remote control and 827LM myQ remote which contains an LED light.
  • As you access your garage space, lights switch on as you come in.
  • The automatic garage door security lock incorporated in these openers confidently sends secure codes to the opener.
  • With a smartphone, you can open, close and receive timely alerts about your garage door condition.
  • These door openers have a close timer to close the door at a time of your choosing.
  • Infrared obstruction from objects and people stop the garage door from closing.
  • We provide a year battery and remote warranty, 5 years for opener parts and lifetime warranty for the opener’s motor.

Wall Mount Garage Door Opener Installation in Brooklyn, NY.

At, Garage Door Pro Long Island we aim at bettering your garage life. We install wall mount garage door openers at a considerable price. 

You don’t need to worry any more about making a wrong choice in hiring unqualified opener services. Our wall mount openers come in different sizes, designs and colors to ensure your needs are kept in check. 

Our trained technicians have enough exposure to successfully deliver quality installation services. They are regularly trained to ensure they have up to date information regarding wall mount opener installation. 

You are just a call away from the best garage door opener in Brooklyn, NY.

Wall Mount Garage Opener Repair in Brooklyn, NY

Wall mount garage door openers get spoilt over a long service time. This means that some of its parts and accessories are worn out or broken. 

When it comes to this, we always expect maintenance calls from our customers. We have well trained technicians to handle all repair and maintenance faults. 

Our technicians are well equipped with high tech equipment to help them scrutinize faults in garage door openers and fix them. You just need to give us a call or just visit our offices to report. 

Our response time is appealing for we value reliability. We do replacement of parts and repair at a good price that doesn’t interfere with your budget.