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Best Liftmaster Garage Door Opener

LiftMaster’s Garage Door Opener Belt Drive

If your garage door opener has stopped working and you are wondering which Garage Opener to purchase for your garage door, keep reading. 

In the following article Nino Cohen will review the benefits of LiftMaster’s Garage Door Opener Belt Drive. Nino will explain why Garage Door Pro Long Island prefer to install it among other openers.

The Sound of Silent - The most quite Opener Belt Drive in Market!

A noisy Garage Door opener can cause a lot of troubles. From upset neighbors to worst scenario – waking up your wife in the middle of the night. Not only that, but it also may harm the other garage door parts.

At Garage Door Pro Long Island we prefer to take no chance. According to our experience the LiftMaster’s Garage Door Opener Belt Drive is the most quite opener. LiftMaster developed a highly strong rubber belt instead of the standard noisy steel chains.

The rubber belt eliminates the sound of the iron chain create on one hand. On the other hand it made out of high quality materials. By the same token the rubber belt will last 15-20 years of usage.

Garage Door Repair in Flushing, NY
Nino installing a brand new LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Belt Drive in Long Island

Do not get stuck outside | The Battery Backup!

If you don’t want to get stuck outside when the power goes out, you should definitely consider the LiftMaster’s Garage Door Opener. 

We have found the LiftMaster’s Battery Backup as the most reliable and durable solution for cases like that.

Your Garage Door Safety is Above All.

Another key point to remember is that in most cases the garage door leads to your house, where your belongings and loved ones are living. Even though you can compromise on a noisy chain or a battery backup, you cannot forgo on safety.

With this Garage Door Opener Belt Drive you can install up to two deadbolt locks and have a lock capability when you close down the garage door.


Garage Door Opener Belt Drive and Beyond!

With this elite series of garage openers you may link the door to MyQ app. The app allows you to control the door, get activity alerts directly to your device and more.

Besides that, you may want to consider purchasing the full app or pay subscription fee to enable even more features such as: Voice Control or Location based garage door closing. For more details go to LiftMaster’s MyQ page.


In a word - The Best Garage Door Opener Belt Drive!

In brief. With this garage door opener belt drive you will get quite, safety, reliability and durability. All of these are great features are truly great. However you should know that the opener should be installed by professionals. Otherwise, the opener might get damaged. Our team at Garage Door Pro Long Island have over 10 years of experience with all the LiftMaster’s garage openers. We work directly with LiftMaster and we’d definitely love to help you install the opener.

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