A garage door opener will offer you great convenience in opening and closing your garage door. However, there are times when the door will not open fully or will reverse before closing. Other times, you will notice that the door does not work completely. In such a case, you will have to identify the problem and fix it.

If some of the Do-It-Yourself garage door hacks do not work in your favour, it is vital to call a garage door technician. Trying to fix it yourself might cause more damage, and sometimes injury. If you do not have any clues to what the problem could be, you can check the manual of your garage door. Or consult a garage door repair company.

Reasons Why A Garage Door Opener is Not Working.

There are several problems that might render your garage door opener inoperable. Here are some of the reasons why;

  • Garage door opener remote not working.
  • Garage door closing half-way.
  • A reversing garage door before/after hitting the floor.
  • Garage door not opening completely.
  • Frozen garage doors during winter.
  • Garage door opener motor keeps running.

While these are some of the reasons why your garage door opener will not work efficiently, there is a world of reasons for a failing garage door opener. Here we will provide a solution to each of these problems with your garage door opener remote. Even though these are some DIY garage door opener troubleshooting, it is advisable to call a professional technician if neither of them helps.

Garage door opener remote not working.

One of the best ways to enter your home is by using a wireless garage door opener remote. However, they might stop working without any plausible reason why. Here are some of the reasons why the remote won’t respond;

You are far from the door. Since remotes are designed to open and close in proximity to the door, when you are out of range, the opener won’t work. Trying to move closer to the door might restore operation of your door opener.

You need to program the remote afresh. Since garage door opener remotes have electronic configurations to command a series of operations, when they are non-responsive, chances are high that they have lost programming. You may be able to reprogram the remote or consult a garage door operator.

Besides any other problem with your garage door opener remote, its batteries could be dead. In such a scenario, do not hesitate to replace the batteries.

My garage door is closing half-way.

This is a common problem with garage doors. It could open all the way, but fail to close fully. This is a problem with the close and open switches.

These switches will tell the motor when to stop running, to cease opening or closing. Even though these need to be set correctly during installation, chances are that they will require adjustment after some time. This switch could also cause the door to reverse during closing.

Another problem could be with your garage door safety sensors. These are electronic eyes that require a clear sightline to ensure the door closes fully. If the tracks are misaligned or the brackets holding the sensors are out of alignment on either side, the door will stop or reverse. If you notice that lights of your opener are flashing, it is an indicator there is something blocking the sensors.

Garage door not opening fully.

Like the problem of the door failing to close completely, a door might fail to open fully. One of the best ways to identify a problem with the up-lift switch is the door closing fully, but failing to open completely.

In this case, you will have to move the up-limit switch closer to the motor unit. If it is not in the right position, it will stop the motor prematurely.

Another reason why your door fails to open completely is rusty, damaged, and bent roller, or tracks. The solution to this is replacing these door parts and restore normal operations of your garage door.

The garage door opener motor won’t stop running.

This is usually a problem with the up-limit switch. When it is fitted much further closer to the motor unit, the door will open fully, but the motor will keep running. The best ways to solve the problem is by moving the switch to its exact position. A problem with the garage door failing to open or close completely, can be identified soon after installation and be fixed.