As much as garage doors enhances the security of our property both at home and our commercial areas, not all provide the privacy that we need. Some have large space between the panels and therefore allowing the outside world access to our spaces. 

If privacy and high levels of security is what you are looking for when installing a garage door, then a roll-up garage door is the door to go for. A roll-up is entirely closed and therefore only people you allow to view you compound with gain access. 

At Garage Door Pro Long Island, we have top quality roll-up garage doors which will not only secure your place but also protect your family and property from hails and storm. We have quite a range of these doors, all very strong, sturdy and in different designs.

Custom Made Roll-Up Garage Doors

Nowadays, people are opting for custom made garage doors. If unique garage doors is what you are looking for, we still have your back. Our team of professional will not only give a listening ear to your descriptions, they will meet and exceed your expectations. 

We are whizzes when it comes to crafting garage doors. Whether it is a modern look or a traditional look you want, we got your back. We will meet every aspect of your description and go further to add some other touches, but of course with your consent. 

In addition, we work with you to ensure that we craft a door that match the structures in your home or business area and choose a color that blends perfectly with the structures as well.

What makes our Roll-up garage doors stand out?

Burglar free

There is an undeniable increase in the level of burglaries in both commercial and residential settings in the world today. 

Intruders will only get access your property if you have a weak security system, and especially a weak garage door. In line with this, Garage Door Pro Long Island has come up with a special roll-up garage door system that has been tested. 

These roll-up garage doors have extra-strength due to the heavy and quality materials we make them with. In addition, we they have strong and highly stable rails and can withstand even the heaviest storm.


Also, our roll-up garage doors are not only made to protect your property, but also we ensure that they have the most refined and stylish design to ensure that they reach the high levels of elegance you dream of. 

Besides, they come in different materials, sizes and weight to cater for anything our clients could want. These doors are also ideal for big corporations and business areas and still consume a very small space when opened.

User Friendly

Besides our doors are user friendly and you can use them on daily basis. Also, since they are made from heavy and durable materials, then the costs of ownership are relatively low. 

You will not need to call a professional for repair every now and then. Do not confuse the heavy material for a heavy door. The door is light enough and will not require much of your energy if at all you are operating them manually. 

Although you can efficiently open and close them manually, automating them will be great. This way, you can access open and close them in a push of a button.

Insulated Roll-Up Garage Doors

To add on quality, at garage Door Reno Sparks, we also have an array of insulated roll-up doors. These doors are specially made to provide energy efficient solutions. 

Insulated roll-up garage door provide higher levels of security, energy efficiency and are also more durable compared to the standard doors. 

As if that is not enough, our insulated doors can help you reach up to 38points in five LEED certification credit categories. Also, it is worth mentioning that insulating a garage door elongates its life.

The benefits of having an insulated garage door will be evident during the cold seasons when you need some extra warmth in the house. 

Insulated roll-up doors are more significant for attached doors. We have different ways of insulating your garage door.  

All the options will offer you great outcomes especially in making your place warm and keeping off bugs and any kind of debris.

When it comes to roll-up doors, to company or professional can outdo our doors. 

Call us or visit us for top-quality roll-up doors or their services.