Should I repair or replace my garage door?

Should I repair or replace my garage door? Do you like to store your other valuable goods in your garage alongside your precious car? Do you very often use your garage by opening and closing the garage door back and forth? If so, a flawless garage door is something you really need. Though often neglected, this important part of the house also needs sincere care.

Repair or Replace

When we face a problem with the garage door, most of us go for the repairing. We hardly think about replacing it. If the repairing cost can get you a new one, then you should go for a new garage door. Many problems can arise with a garage door that can bring us to a dilemma; replace or repair. Let’s move on to find some issues that can arise.


Aesthetic damage

The garage door is something that you would be using very often in day-to-day life. The door probably isn’t made of a material that can never be smudged or scratched. It is very likely to face any aesthetic issue whether you regularly use the door or not. Faded paints, rust, corrosion, dents and so many more.  In some cases, you can repair the surface damages by painting. In severe cases, it would only hide the damage but won’t do any permanent good also it can de-brand your house. Depending on the severity, replacing the door should be a better option to count.

Structural defacement

A garage door is a shield that protects your precious inside. Defending is a tough job even for your garage door. The more you use it, the more its structural integrity faces vulnerability. Scratches, bumps, dents all these can go deeper than the surface level. From the outside, it may look like a small scratch. But if checked properly, you might find a cause of colossal damage to your glorious shield.  For small damages, you can rely on repairing. But this would be a temporary fix. A damaged shield won’t be able to provide you a good defense. So, if you find cracks, splits, or similar issues on the door, you should consider replacing it. Go get a new door for the garage and restore the defense!

Malfunctional door

Think of a bright sunny morning. You are heading out in your car to enjoy the weather. You push that button beside your garage door, and it starts making a crackling noise. The door stays right where it was like a big stubborn boulder. Now that won’t be nice, will it? A garage door might show similar misbehavior over time. Repairing or replacing either can come in handy. But the decision should be taken depending on the extent of the issue. Let’s look through some common issues faced with a garage door that can be fixed easily.

  • Stuck Door – A stuck door can really be irritating, and you might think of replacing it assuming it to be dead. But it can be easily repaired in most cases if checked properly.
  • Heavy door – Sometimes you might find the garage door very struggling to open. You get hyped and decide to replace the door. But very simple reason can be behind this. Lack of power to the driver motor, rust in the spring mechanism, etc. can cause this issue. Making a few adjustments and tunings can get you through the problem.
  • Sagging door – Have you ever found your garage door closed halfway with one side lower than the other? If not, you do not have the issue of an imbalanced door. In most cases, worn-down springs cause this issue. Replacing the spring can easily fix the issue.

If you find a malfunction complex or recurring, you should reach out to a trained professional to sort out the issue. The problem might be solved by minor adjustments. But in severe cases, it can lead to a variety of further complications. Getting a new door would surely be a good choice in this condition.

Maintenance of a garage door is a must to have better reliability. It must also be replaced if needed. But the decision should be made by analyzing the problem completely at first.