Many o homeowners easily forget to pay attention to the garage door springs. This is a dangerous thing. Garage door springs are one of the garage door parts that play a great role in the opening and closing of the garage door. 

Having broken or worn out garage door springs operating your garage door is as dangerous as having a garage door with no springs. To this end, it is important to keep an eye on the springs to ensure they are in their right working condition. 

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Types of Garage Door Springs

A garage door is fully operational with two springs.  

Torsion spring

Torsion springs are mounted above the door opening on a metal rod that is parallel to the door. They have very strong coils and tensions that unwind to enable the garage door open and close.

Extension springs

Compared to the torsion springs, the extension springs are lighter and long. They are positioned above the horizontal portions of the door tracks, parallel to the door. These cables are very vulnerable. 

In case they break, then it is a hazardous for the person the garage door at that particular time. For this reason, there must be safety cables to act as a precaution feature. The cables will support the springs when they break.

DIY or Call a Professional

Due to the weight of the garage door, garage door springs, no matter how strong they are, they are susceptible to wearing out and breaking. 

There are so many garage door springs suppliers out there supplying the springs to individuals to replace the springs themselves. 

Unless you are a professional, installing or repairing the springs on your own might be very cheap but very risky. Cheap is expensive. 

The garage door is weighty and can fall down when in carrying out the task. It is, therefore, prudent to call for professional help rather.

However, if you still want to go for the DIY, it is crucial you regulate the tension of the springs.

This you can do using a heavy metal bar. Afterwards, loosen the springs and manually unwind the springs using winding rods.

You should be extra careful with the torsion springs since they have more tension. Take note that the entire process is dangerous the springs if fully unwound.

Also, it is extremely hazardous especially dealing with weighty and heavy garage door springs.

Hiring a professional is always the best solution. It will not only ensure that you are safe the process will also time effective and perfectly done.

Symptoms that your garage door springs are failing

Out of balance springs

Fully operational garage door springs work smoothly and quietly. Therefore, in case of any loud and irritating noise, it could be a cry for help. 

It shows they are straining to complete their part of the job. You can handle this by trying to manually operate the door. 

If it proves to be difficult to open and close, then the springs are probably out of balance.

Gaps in the springs

 As earlier mentioned, springs have tight coiled and tightly wounded to support all the tensions exerted by the garage door. 

A gap in the springs means that the springs are broken. Also, it means that they are wearing out and becoming loose.

Straining Garage Door Openers

When your garage door springs are aging, it leaves a heavy load to the openers. Therefore, the openers have to complete the task carried out by the springs and as well complete theirs. 

For this reason, you will notice some strain as they attempt to raise the door. When not closely monitored, the springs can break suddenly which is not a good thing to garage door users. 

It is therefore important to call for garage door springs repair ASAP or have them replaced.

These are a few but the most common signs that you need to call a professional for garage door springs repair or replacing services. 

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