Garages are of great benefit as it secures the vehicles from theft and vandalism. Besides that, attached garages tend to be flexible as you can easily convert your garage into a living space, when in need. Moreover, garages also serve great benefits to increase your house cost. A properly maintained garage is said to increase your house sale rate as compared to those houses having no garages.

At many places, garages serve as workshops for many projects which include paintings, assembly, and woodworking, etc. Therefore, the security of the garage is important as it beholds many valuables and should be protected at all costs. Garage doors serve as an important factor when it comes to the security of the garages and the valuables present inside.

Faulty garage doors can allow the invaders to invade your property and vandalize your valuables or even steal them. Imagine a garage door with a faulty or no garage door opener, it would easily attract outsiders/invaders to jump into your private property. Not only the invaders, but certain organisms like mites, or bugs can enter your property and make you miserably uncomfortable. These bugs or mites can also cause you diseases.

Therefore, it’s important to install a proper and secured garage door having a functional opener. Keep in mind to understand the mechanics of a garage door opener before buying a garage door, as it will help you in buying the secured garage door for your garage. Moreover, there are certain garage door openers available that can be controlled via remote controller and they tend to give better results than many garage door openers.

Chain Driven Garage Opener:

If you are looking for a reliable yet inexpensive garage door opener, consider installing a chain driven garage opener as it is reliable and low on your pocket. This type of opener has chains linked to each other, like that of a bicycle chain, which connects the trolley to the motor of the opener. One drawback is they are loud and noisy due to metal-to-metal contact while operating but are least expensive as compared to those discussed below.

Belt Driven Garage Opener:

Unlike the chain driven garage door opener, belt driven garage opener consists of a rubber belt instead of a chain which makes them less noisy and disturbing as compared to the chain driven garage opener.

If you’re looking for an alternative to chain driven garage opener, then this belt driven garage door opener can work for you and its cost is the same as that of the chain driven garage opener.

Screw Drive Garage Opener:

The screw drive garage door opener consists of a trolley that performs its function by riding over a threaded steel rod when the motor rotates the rod. Experts claim that this type of garage opener is easy to maintain due to a lack of parts. It can be the noisiest garage door opener but reliable enough to protect you from theft and vandalism.

Jackshaft Driven Opener:

These jackshaft driven openers are installed on the wall beside the garage door. It consists of a 24-v DC motor that drives the pulley and also the cables which turn the torsion bar, resulting in the opening of the garage door. Alternatively, the reverse of the motor assists the cable tension to loosen and lowers the door. If you want more overhead storage, then this jackshaft driven garage opener can be well suited for your garage door. Moreover, it contains the type of the system which is reliable, as far as security is concerned & quiet too, compared to the above three garage openers. But it is expensive than those three garage openers.

Direct Driven Opener:

Direct driven openers are the quietest garage door openers than all the openers. They are said to be quietest because they have only one moving component, that is, the motor, which acts as a functional part of this opener. They consist of a stationary chain that is embedded in an overhead rail. The motor then travels along the chain and results in the functioning of the opener. It is said to be the most reliable and comes with a lifetime warranty but the cost is equally same as that of the jackshaft driven opener.

DC Powered Garage Door Opener:

DC Powered Garage Door Openers are the most advanced type of garage door opener and are tend to be quieter, faster, and smaller. They are believed to be the smartest garage door opener as compared to the AC Powered Garage Door Opener. Moreover, they tend to operate smoothly and comes at variable speeds, along with this, comes the soft-start and soft-stop technology system.

Some important points that you should remember is that every garage door opener requires usual maintenance depending upon the opener you selected. Therefore, make sure to get your garage door openers maintained from time to time as it could possibly reduce the chances of wear out of the garage door and the opener itself. Although there are many circumstances that you should look into before selecting a garage door opener, but make sure that your safety is contained with your selected opener.


There is a lot of variety to be found in the current market regarding garage door openers. But it really comes down to your personal preference because the operation of garage door will be performed by each of the opener but in different mechanical and variable efficient ways.

The maintenance of each variant of garage door opener is very important but is different or it may require more or less frequent maintenance.