There are various types of garage doors in the market. Despite some being more common, they all serve the same purpose. However, their efficiency, lifespan, and level of maintenance may vary, depending on the materials. Also, there are different garage doors depending on the way they open. Do you want an authentic look on your curb or an all-weather gate for your home? Regardless of your preferences, we have got you covered. We not only offer you help to select the best gate for your home but go a step ahead to provide custom made gates for you. Whether you want wooden, aluminum, steel or iron garage doors, we have got them all.

Also, we offer composite wood, glass, and glass fiber, for both single and double panels. We help you understand the benefits and shortcomings of each to make the right choice.

Garage Doors Based On How They Open:

As much as the driveway gate is what your visitors see as their first thing when they get to your place, the garage door is what draws their most attention. Garage doors can either build or destroy the curb of the appeal of your home. Thus, it is vital to ensure that you choose your garage door wisely. There are various types of garage doors that you can install at your place. Here are some of them;

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors contain panel sections that are connected using hinges. When this door opens and closes, the wheels at the edge of each panel will roll into a vertical track on either side of the door. This consequently makes the hinges at each panel bend over a curved portion of the track allowing the door to stay parallel to the ceiling once the door is completely open. Sectional garage doors have a pair of tension springs that act as a precaution to prevent the door from going down when it is partially open. These doors are commonly made of steel and require minimal maintenance and are easily customizable.

Sliding Garage Doors

Sliding garage doors, just like the name suggests, this door opens by bending to one side of the garage, which will then set parallel to the wall. These doors are among the very traditional garage doors and were used I places where there was limited headroom. These doors do not require springs for balance. They have an inbuilt motor for automated gates, which spares you the need for wall or ceiling mounted motors.

Side-Hinged Garage Doors

This is an old fashioned garage door and operates from a hinged frame from either side of the opening. They are from wood, but for heavy-duty commercial doors, there are galvanized steel doors available. For garages with obstructions and limited headroom, this is the garage door to go for. Side hanged doors can either have a pre-hung steel frame, or you can fit it into the already existing opening. Others come with a unique conversion arm.

The garage door opener motor won’t stop running.

This is usually a problem with the up-limit switch. When it is fitted much further closer to the motor unit, the door will open fully, but the motor will keep running. The best ways to solve the problem is by moving the switch to its exact position. A problem with the garage door failing to open or close completely, can be identified soon after installation and be fixed.

Tilt-Up Garage Doors

These are also known as the up and over canopy garage doors. Unlike the sectional garage doors, this door is a solid piece and does not have sections. They usually have a pivoting hinge mechanism that allows them to up in the garage. When the door is open, the canopy door will be parallel to the ceiling and will extend past the front of the house.

Up and Over Retractable Garage Doors

This garage door is similar to the up and over canopy style door, whereby it will lift up and into the garage to open. However, they suspend independently from the frame of the door and thus do not hang past the front of the house. For this door to operate, it will require a lot of space than the canopy garage door. If you are looking for a sophisticated garage door, purchase the up and over retractable garage door, but keep in mind that operating this door is quite tricky. Also, they are quite expensive to buy.