Garage doors play an essential role when it comes to offering safety and energy efficiency in your home. With the right door, you can reduce your air conditioning bills, while maintaining the same level of comfort. Also, with the right garage door, you will experience the convenience and also improve the curb appeal to your home. There are various types of garage doors. They all vary depending on size, material, make, and method of opening.

Types Of Gates Depending On Size

Different types of garage doors have various applications in different areas. If you have a glass door, then you have to use it in places where the weather is no trouble. If you have wood, then you need to brace yourself for the high maintenance. However, all these vary depending on the type of door you have. To differentiate these types, you can either choose depending on the material, method of opening, or the size. When it comes to size, we have:

  • Single garage doors
  • Double garage doors
  • Two separate garage doors
  • Cookie-cutter
  • Custom-built garage doors

Single Garage Doors

A single garage door is a small garage door with space provision for one car. That means that it is large enough for one car to pass through. Usually, the single garage door is about 8 feet wide.  For a single entry, you can easily apply any opening mechanism to it. It is affordable to install a garage door opener on it since you only need one unit of each item. Also, the single door is highly suitable for a home with a small garage space. If you are to use a single garage door on your commercial space, then you are bound to face a lot of traffic at the entrance and exits of your building.

Double Garage Doors

This is like a single garage door, only this time, two of them, joined to one. The ideal size of a double garage door is at least 18 feet wide. Not only does it offer a more extensive space to work with, but it also allows a two-way traffic flow. If you still have a kid who needs to use the car seat, and requires the space to fit the seat and lock your kid in, then a double garage door is the perfect solution. Some more added advantage is that you only need one garage door opener. Also, you have accessible storage space for use and have a more spacious garage. However, in the event of a breakdown, you will stay locked in or out until the garage door experts repair the openers.

Two Single Garage Doors

If you want a more massive door for your garage and do not want to install a double door, then the two single garage doors will work for you. These doors can fit up to 22 feet wide. This gives you all the space you need to get in and out of your car comfortably. Not only are these doors attractive on the front-load house, but they also offer control over what people see when you open the door.

Contrary to the double door that opens completely, leaving your home exposed, the two single doors give you privacy. With two single doors, you can have a better airflow, hence reducing the spikes on the quality of air in your house. Also, if one door malfunctions, you can always use the other one. However, with two single garage doors, you need to fit two different openers for the doors. Also, you have to risk double the maintenance cost.

Cookie-Cutter vs. Custom-Built Garage Doors

Depending on the design of the garage door you want, you can either go for a cookie cutter or a custom-made design. The cookie-cutter is available at your local store. However, what you see is what you get, meaning you cannot change the layout or size of the door. However, for the custom-made door, you can alter any aspect of the door, you do not feel suits you. If you want a different color, size, hardware,  or even window inserts, the door is made explicitly to your taste and preference. Depending on the style, type, and size of the doorway you need, if you choose the cookie-cutter, you will have to visit several shops before finding the right size for your home.