How To Repair A Garage Door At Home.

How To Repair A Garage Door At Home.

Some repairs on your garage can be minor, and you can quickly resolve them with the proper guidelines. However, when it comes to other forms, such as repair of springs, you risk some severe injuries, and would hence require the services of a professional. But, you can always try and resolve the small issues, and […]

Quick Garage Door Fix

Garage Door DIY

Common Problems with your garage door and What to do. Time tends to take a toll on mechanical systems. That is why you notice people changing the wheels on their vehicles and replacing bearings on the rims. Similarly, on a garage door, the rollers, shafts, bearings, and hinges tend to wear out with time. The […]

Fix A Stuck A Garage Door

Garage Door Torsion Spring

Garage doors, like many other moving parts, tend to have problems with time. The pieces get old, give away, and some break. When you start noticing that your door is heavier, noisier, dented, or keeps jamming, then you can take action and repair some of the problems. The most common issues associated with garage door […]

Wall-mount Garage Door Opener

Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

Key features on your wall-mount garage door opener Do you have plans to improve your garage door? Do you want it to meet the advances of the new technology but you are worried about where to start or maybe thinking the process is complex? Having an advanced wall mount garage door opener is the best […]

Lubricate A Squeaky garage door.

Lubricate Squeaky Garage Door

It is frustrating when you have a noisy garage door. Since garage door has several moving parts, inevitably, they will always cause friction, and thus the noise, or the squeaking. However, it is not difficult to quiet a squeaky and screeching garage door. You do, however, have to know what to use and where to […]

How To Replace A Garage Torsion Spring

DIY Garage Door Maintenance

This is not one of the DIY projects that any professional would recommend. However, if you have the tools and some skill in garage door services, why not give it a try? The first thing that you need to consider is safety. Your garage doors, door operator and openers have many moving and dangerous parts. […]

Common Problems With Your Garage Door.

Common Problems With Your Garage Door.

Having a garage door in your home or business plays a crucial role as a point of entry and exit. There are several other benefits that you would enjoy using a garage door. There is the improved aesthetic appeal of your home as well as an appreciation in the value of your premises. Most importantly, […]

My garage door opener is not working.

Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

A garage door opener will offer you great convenience in opening and closing your garage door. However, there are times when the door will not open fully or will reverse before closing. Other times, you will notice that the door does not work completely. In such a case, you will have to identify the problem […]

DIY Garage Door Maintenance.

DIY Garage Door Maintenance

If you have a garage door in your home, then you want it running in perfect condition. You do not to be trapped inside the garage when you need to rush to work. Or perhaps, it could be in the evening after work and you only want to get home and relax. One of the […]

Why won’t my garage door open all the way?

Garage door won't open all the way

Are you frustrated that your garage door won’t open all the way up? Or perhaps your garage door won’t open at all? There are several reasons why this happens. Your garage door has several components working jointly to facilitate its opening and closing. A problem with either of the door parts could cause the door […]