Key features on your wall-mount garage door opener

Do you have plans to improve your garage door? Do you want it to meet the advances of the new technology but you are worried about where to start or maybe thinking the process is complex? Having an advanced wall mount garage door opener is the best thing you can do. It will not only help you meet the advancing technological demands but also ensure improved security at your garage.

Why is a wall mount garage entrance opener the best way to go? One of the best things with this advanced door opener is the newly improved system the door has. Some of those essential features include object and motion detectors, along with an advanced locking protocol. At any time, you may be thinking of installing a wall mount door opener to your garage; there are some features you should always consider essential. Among them include.


This is the essential feature in a wall mount garage gate opener. It is the remote-controlled systems that make many people opt to upgrade their door systems. The best thing with this feature is you can be in a position to control and activate the movements of your garage door through electrical operations. An added advantage with the wall mount garage entrance opener is they are compatible with both single and multiple door units making it an added advantage to the user.

Manual Release

Other than your door opener being electrically controlled, it also features manual release. Just as its name sounds, this feature allows the user to lower or raise the door manually. The feature is an added advantage since whenever you need ventilation while working inside the garage, all you will need is pushing the manual release button.

Security light

This is always an added advantage to your wall mount garage entrance opener. Light is always considered an essential feature while walking or even driving your vehicle through the garage door. The wall mount door comes with a pre-installed security light that powers on and off automatically at any time the door is activated. This feature is most liked because of its power efficiency since it always powers off after a few hours of inactivity.


Is comfortability what you are thinking of? The wall mount gate opener is the option to go. It is always come well integrated with a Wi-Fi system that allows users to control the door from any place with only a touch on your smartphone. The Wi-Fi integration feature is always considered better than the home automation system as other than initiating commands; it will allow you to monitor every activity within the extent of your property. This ensures improved security since everything, including the information about your door, will be sent to your mobile app.

Auto Close

This is another important feature that comes pre-programmed with your garage door. To its functioning, it works by allowing your door to be lowered at a particular specific time as programed. This feature is also integrated to auto close, depending on weather conditions. For instance, on hot days, through the programmed information, it will automatically close, therefore, ensuring your car is always well protected.

Battery Back Up

One of the biggest worries that many people always have when installing controlled electrical systems is the fear of power outage. With a wall mount garage door, this should never be a worry as it comes with a battery backup that will help you complete all the routine processes till power is restored. This means the battery is good enough to help you achieve all the closing and opening functions for as long as the power will be back.


The garage door forms the largest and most essential entrance to your home. A wall mount garage gate opener comes with advanced technology, and this is why it is the best way to go for your next-door opener replacement. Despite the vast integrated features, making the door perfect will require you to have a professional fix the door for you. Look for someone who knows exactly what he might be getting into before considering doing the replacement. This way, you will be sure to enjoy the advantages of the vast features in a wall mount garage door.